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      Wet water kraft paper

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      Wet water kraft paper

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      • Release date:2017/04/08
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      Wet water wired kraft paper 60mm24m

      Wet water kraft paper

      Wet water kraft paper

      Kraft Paper Tape


      Kraft Tape is based on kraft paper, coated with rubber based or hot melt based adhesive according to different applications. It is mainly used in carton sealing, paper splicing in paper industry, holding and sticking wool of garment and textile industry.

      ?Features:Strong adhesion, strong tensile strength, easy tear, non-deteriorating and non-distortion, printable, free of pollution, burnable and recyclable.

      ?Technical Data:

      Color: brown

      Film: Kraft

      Adhesive: Hotmelt

      Width:12mm, 18mm, 24mm, 36mm, 45mm, 48mm, 57mm, 60mm etc.

      Length:20m, 30m, 50m etc, as your requirement.

      Thickness: 125mic,140mic,150mic, as your requirement

      Application Temp.(℃): -5-40

      Tensile Strength(N/25mm):75

      Elongation(%at break):10




      The Kraft paper tape with strong adhesive, which can be sticked to objects directly, is mainly used to seal case, wrap some object, and which is easy to be unwrapped.


      The Kraft paper tape with strong adhesive tape, which can be sticked to objects after it is wetted, is mainly to printing and revising on papers and cases.

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      Export manager: 18962691776

      Sales manager:18068053703

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