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      double-sided tape

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      double-sided tape

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      • Release date:2017/04/20
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      In the cotton paper coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides, and then covered with easy to peel material made, widely used in two objects bonding and fixed, the use of very convenient.

      Features: double-sided adhesive effect is good, strong adhesion, can hand tear, no pollution, can be recycled, easy to use.

      Backing material: tissue film, OPP film and PET film

        Adhesives: water glue, oil glue, hot melt adhesive

        Width: 11,12,18,24,36,45,48,50,72,76,144 mm and so on

      Length: 10Y, 15Y, 20Y, 33Y, 50Y, 100Y, 30M, 40M, 50M, 66m, 1000m and so on

      Thickness: 65mic, 80mic, 90mic, 100MIC, 110mic and so on

      Color: white, yellow and so on

      Packaging methods: shrink, single volume independent packaging, blister packaging


      Stickers posters, photos, public signs, envelopes fixed decorative hooks or signboard decoration, footwear and leather industry, computer embroidery, sticking nameplate, reinforced bonding.

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      Kunshan Shengye Packing Material Co., Ltd

      Contact person: Mr. Li

      Telephone: 18616678980

      Export manager: 18962691776

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