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      Introduction to the choice of printing tape

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      Introduction to the choice of printing tape

      Release date:2016-07-27 The author: Click on:

      Printing tape is our usual commonly used items, but now there are many types of printing tape, we should be in the purchase of how to choose it? Choose tape to understand two goals:

      First, the characteristics of the tape: (sticky, temperature resistance, persistence, with or without residual glue, material quality star, with or without curling signs, shelter results, tensile strength, length, stiffness, color, weather resistance, , Lubrication level, size accuracy, tin penetration <ordinary not, cohesion).

      Second, the use of categories: (electronics, decoration, automotive, industrial packaging, dress, circuit boards, electrical insulation, ordinary industry cover).

      Electronic components packaging commonly used tape products are as follows:

      1, the US profile tape

      Features: excellent adhesion, good temperature resistance, good tensile strength, good adhesion without residue, to stop the repeated baking in the case of low temperature

      Use: Widely used in electronic components such as: ceramic capacitors, polyester capacitors, metallized capacity, thermistor and other products in the manufacturing process of the braid.

      2, cold pressing tape

      Features: There is a very small initial stickiness, printing adhesive tape facing the sticky sticky excellent, paper is good, will not show curling like, shading results good, and do not destroy the outer surface of the core film!

      Application: Used for metallized capacitors.

      3, hot melt tape

      Features: the initial viscosity is small, in the case of heating immediately show excellent viscosity, and the use of paper carrier separation, good strength, durability, good weather resistance, good resistance to dissolution.

      Use: Pan used in electronic components scrap tape.

      4, tear tape

      Features: Tear tape early sticky force is small, the use of two plastic upright sticky solid, easy to take off, tensile strength is very good, there will be no signs of fracture, up to 6000M tear tape greatly improve your production rate.

      Use: for the resistance of the interest with the tape.

      5, with tape

      Features: good adhesive tape adhesive, good tensile strength, strong adherence, around the entanglement average, the length of expertise, can be frugal loading frequency, progressive production obey.

      Use: tape and paper tape used together for the resistance and active plug of the secondary tape.

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