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      Common adhesive tape classification and quality requirements

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      Common adhesive tape classification and quality requirements

      Release date:2016-07-27 The author: Click on:

      Classification of common adhesive tapes

      1.BOPP sealing tape (including ordinary sealing tape, printing tape, high-quality antifreeze tape)

      This series of products mainly polypropylene film, special polypropylene film, acrylic adhesive and water-based acrylic plastic as raw material, with posted smooth, suitable for general sealing and fixed and ultra-low temperature environment, packaging and fixed, widely used in food , Beverage supermarkets sealed product packaging, boutique, gift professional image packaging, developed countries or environmental control areas of the closure.

      Second, the US paper tape (including plain paper, crepe paper)

      With the anti-corrosion tape, the series of products to the US-profile paper and colored US-profile paper, rubber glue as raw materials, with no residual glue, easy to use, widely used in high temperature environment, ambient temperature painting protection, protection of fixed, In the electronics, hardware, electrical and other industries with the fixed paint, stationery and construction industry.

      3. Double-sided tape (including ordinary double-sided tape, foam tape, white plastic, butter)

      The series of products mainly to high-grade cotton paper, special acrylic plastic as raw material, with strong sticky, cold resistance, good service, not bad quality and other characteristics, for food packaging, stationery office, by the bag, paper, hardware Such as manufacturing and processing of paste.

      4. Kraft paper tape (including hot melt type kraft paper and rubber kraft paper, white kraft paper)

      High temperature kraft paper, acrylic glue, ink as raw material, with resistance to instantaneous high temperature, paste smooth, glue surface formation, connecting force strong; easy to tear, easy to degenerate; strong adhesion can be burned, buried, Sex and other characteristics, suitable for leather industry access port instantaneous high temperature environment.

      5. Stationery tape

      The use of polypropylene, special acrylic glue as raw material, can be presented as a gift, environmental protection, easy to use, in line with the EU packaging materials standards 94/62 / EC widely used in supermarkets, schools, boutiques and other fine packaging.

      6.PVC electrical tape

      High-voltage, good weather resistance; color and diverse, with matte, smooth points; in line with the United States UL and Canada CSA and other countries certification, soft PVC film, flexible, easy to wrap, but also has anti- Effect, for high temperature automotive wiring harness and electrical and electronic insulation line wrapped, high-voltage cable at the junction of the dressing and color distinction can also be used for special insulation treatment.

      7. Burkina Faso (including single-sided cloth, double-sided cloth base)

      The series of products mainly in tarpaulins, rubber and hot sol as raw materials, with a variety of colors, the construction area for color separation, moisture resistance, suitable for heavy packaging, cable, to avoid protection, widely used in carpet access Sewn fixed, building decoration industry to avoid protection.

      Aluminum foil tape

      And the difference between the adhesive tape is that the series of products mainly in aluminum foil, acrylic and special acrylic plastic as raw material, with no backing paper, a variety of thickness, with insulation, and high temperature of different types of products Of the different characteristics for the hardware, electrical appliances, automobiles, building central air conditioning pipeline connecting, widely used in aircraft aviation maintenance, electrical and electronic processing, automotive high temperature processing.

      9. Polyimide tape (Goldfinger tape / KAPTON tape)

      Polyimide tape with polyimide film as the substrate, rubber silicone. With high insulation level, high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, solvent, radiation, used in high-grade electrical insulation and lithium battery positive and negative ear fixed role, and suitable for PCB over-wave soldering, to protect the finger area.

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